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The author has been interested in naturalized plants since he was a high school student, and since then, he is known to have made a name for himself as a researcher of naturalized plants while working as an expert in dentistry. The footprints can be found in many reports and papers published in botany magazines and many other, and many naturalized plants have been given Japanese names by the author. His passion for research on naturalized plants has not awakened to the extent that he made the late Professor Kiyotaka Hisauti, a pioneer of research on naturalized plants in Japan, who studied under the author, and called him a "ridiculous man" wearing two pairs of straw shoes. in the process of.

This book is the second single work on the theme of naturalized plants, and it can be said that it is a good book that invites readers to the world of naturalized plants with a light narrative that can be called "Asaibushi". Most of the photographs are close-up photographs by the author using a "camera for dental intraoral photography" and convey the characteristics of each plant well. Large letters are used in the text to make it easier for the elderly to read.

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