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Chikao Nishiguchi


Born in 1927

In 1954, graduated from the Department of Forestry, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tokyo, and went through the Forestry, Forestry Research Institute (Minami Izu), Hokkaido Forestry, and Forest Zoology Department, Tohoku University, Faculty of Agriculture, Assistant Professor (1977), Year of Identification. Retired (1991).

Currently, NHK Culture Center Sendai Class Lecturer

Main books:

Forests and humans (1976, Sanyusha)

Invitation to the forest (1982, Yasaka Shobo)

From forest protection to ecosystem protection (1989, Thinking Company)

Recommendation of Amateur Forestry Science-Invitation to Beech Forest- (1993, Yasaka Shobo)

Mountain trip of trees and forests Recommendation of forest tour (1994, Yasaka Shobo)

Introduction to Forest Instructor Recommendations for Forest Animals and Entomology (1995, Yasaka Shobo)

Forest Scenario Photo Story / Forest Ecosystem (1996, Yasaka Shobo)

Enjoy the beech forest (1996, Iwanami Shinsho)

Sequoia Forest California Nature (Translation, VR Johnston; 1997, Yasaka Shobo)

The story of the life of the forest (1999, Shinshisha)

Forests, trees, butterflies-Alder story, NZ forest travelogue- (2001, Yasaka Shobo)

Studying anything in the forest-a story of Japanese endemic species- (2002, Yasaka Shobo)

Thinking about the dynamics of the forest (2004, Yasaka Shobo)

The forest is full of mysteries (2012, Woods Press)

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