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​To the bookstore

Our company has been in business for a short time, and we have not yet dealt with agents.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but for the time being, please use the following method to obtain our publications.

How to order

Call (0465-46-6327) or fax (0465-46-6337).
Please let us know the title, the number of books ordered, your store name, shipping address, and telephone number.
(If you need your name, please let us know and we will fill it out on the delivery note.
For example, for orders from Mr. XX, etc. )

About sending and shipping

We will send it by mail or courier. Please note that it will take 3-4 days to arrive by mail as a general rule. We will bear the shipping cost.

payment method

Please use the postal payment form (fee paid by us) attached at the time of remittance, and after the product arrives, the book will be sent from the nearest post office after it arrives at the customer.

About wholesale prices to bookstores

We have set it reasonably. Please contact us when ordering.

About order cancellation

In the unlikely event that your order is canceled due to your convenience, we will notify you to that effect and then consult with you regarding the return method.

About consignment sales

As a general rule, we do not ask for "consignment sales".
We will only ask you to sell on your behalf if you place an order.

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