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​The forest is full of mysteries


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What is the butterfly that developed the detoxification technology?
What is the beech's idea of measures against forest mice?
Sugi plantations are world-class ...
The release of salmon is a wonderful food production technology ...

While talking about various events related to the forest, we will present ways to curb CO2 emissions with the idea of reversal. We propose ways for Japanese people to contribute to the world.

A must-have book for forest instructors who think about the forest and guide it [Click here for a part of the text]

Book review

Table of contents (details omitted)

prologue  -Observation of familiar nature-

I The theory of evolution of plants

1  From moss and fern to conifers  -Trial and error for survival-
2  From anemophily to entomophily  -Take the enemy to yourself-
3  The destruction of dinosaurs  -Five Nazo-
Four  The theory of evolution of nuts  -Defense against birds and beasts creates evolution-

II Ecology of production and decomposition

1  Live using hydrogen energy
2  Build a body  -Cell structure and aging-
3  Decomposition of plant remains  -From organic matter (carbohydrate) to inorganic matter-
Four  Decomposition of animal bodies  -Reflux of nitrogen to trees-
Five  Degrading bacteria of dead pine, human cuttlefish and insects  -Mushroom stink bug's huge antennae-
6  Degrading bacteria of dead pine, pine tree and insects  -The luster of Deokinocomushi-

III Hitman Appears

1  Appearance of killing bacteria  -From corpse decomposition to biodecomposition-
2  Black and white mystery  -Think about tannins-
3  "Oak wilt" private theory
Four  Traces of pine wilt whirlwind passing by

IV Consumer prosperity  -Ecosystem ornaments-

1  Breeding Biston robustum  -A wide-eating mystery-
2  Small hawkmoth eating vine leaves  -Why is it a vine?-
3  The mystery of the appearance of a natural enemy parasitoid wasp
Four  Activities of carnivorous beetles  -Is the leaf beetle's natural enemy a garbage beetle?-
Five  Seed bird mystery  -Why do lies like cherries-
6  Chemistry of leaf litter and fruit ripening  -The function of ethylene-

V Nature and humans  -Environment, tree planting, food issues-

1  Ozone damage mystery  -Betula of Lake Mashu Sotowayama-
2  Forest CO2 absorption and release  -Overall the productivity of Sugi-
3  Creating a forest of Sugi in the Edo period  -Nishikawa Forestry's Nazo-
Four  Creating a modern hardwood forest  -Yamahannoki's forest-growing ability-
Five  Trout farming  -For Blakiston's owl-

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