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Endemic Plants of Japan


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Following Japan's Endangered Botanical Encyclopedia (2004, Aboc Co., Ltd.) and Japan's Naturalized Botanical Encyclopedia (2009, Aboc Co., Ltd.), this is the third work in the series of illustrations that the Japan Botanical Illustration Club has been working on with all its might. The final work of the series. Published about 10 years after the project, with the main theme of Japanese endemic plants!

▶ ︎ About 5,700 species of pterophyta, angiosperms, and angiosperms grow naturally in Japan, and about 30% of them are said to be endemic, and Japan is known as a region with high plant endemicness in the world.


▶ ︎ In this picture book, we introduce more than 200 kinds of flowers such as Sasayuri, Camellia rusticana, Wild cherry tree, Anemonopsis macrophylla, etc. with precise colored botanical illustrations. Like the previous two works, it has both Japanese and English commentary, making it a great book to introduce Japanese plants to foreign readers.

▶ ︎ "Japanese Botanical Illustrations" published in December last year was introduced in the newsletter (The Botanical Artist, September 2021 issue) of the American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA). Although the article is in English, Mieko Konishi and Akiko Enokido, on behalf of the painters who drew botanical illustrations, describe the process leading up to the publication of this book. ( Click here for the cover and article of the newsletter)


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