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​Ogasawara Islands endemic plant guide


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[Half a century facing the plants of Ogasawara]


The author is known for having been watching over nature and plants since 1968, when the administration of Ogasawara was returned from the United States, and in 1981 published the first "Ogasawara Botanical Encyclopedia" in Japan. After that, the same book "Augmented Revised Edition" (2003) was published, and this time, the knowledge was renewed, and for the first time after being registered as "World Natural Heritage", the information on the unique plants of Ogasawara from a comprehensive viewpoint was "the latest plant classification system". I summarized it with photos and detailed explanations based on. Species that were once thought to grow only in the Ogasawara Islands have been reassessed for their uniqueness as research progresses, and this information is newly published. The author's passion for Ogasawara plants, which celebrated "Kasaju" this year, is the latest work of his obsession, and one of the small company's founding plans.


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