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Yoko Uchijo Botanical Art Book Satoyama Plants

内城葉子植物画集 里山の植物.jpeg

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[Botanical illustration by Yoko Uchijo]

Botanical illustration is a painting that requires considerable competence, as it must satisfy the eyes of not only artists but also botanists at the same time. Van Gogh's sunflowers are highly regarded by artists, but botanists are not convinced. Even if you can imagine that it is a sunflower, you cannot be sure that the work is a sunflower. It can be said that there is a characteristic of botanical illustrations here, and that there is a reason why it is supported not only by artists but also by botanists and many plant lovers. It is none other than the natural talent of the genius that makes this fairly difficult balance. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with artistic talent. It is rare to be blessed with a talent for painting and a talent for botany. The first thing I feel from Yoko Uchijo's botanical illustrations is that the characteristics of the drawn plants are always clearly captured. It can be said that the qualities that immediately grasp the characteristics of each of these plants and express them on the canvas are the natural talents given to Mr. Uchijo. (Hideaki Ohba)

[Published in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Japan Botanical Friendship Society]

The Society has published a "newsletter" since its foundation, but from April 2010, the appearance was renewed and all pages were printed in color. Taking this opportunity, thanks to the kindness of Yoko Uchijo, who is also a member of the Society, a botanical illustration will be posted on the cover, and it has continued to this day. Mr. Uchijo's botanical illustrations attracted attention not only from members but also from non-members, and it was an opportunity for many people to know about the existence of the Society. In compiling this art book, in order to commemorate the 60th anniversary of its founding, I was asked to select from Mr. Uchijo's past works, including many unpublished works in line with the theme of "plants in Satoyama". .. The explanation of the plants in the work was also shared and written by the members of the Society. In order to introduce the "Satoyama Plants" drawn by Mr. Uchijo to foreign readers, we also added an English explanation of the plants. (Hideaki Ohba)

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