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Takeshi Toyoda


Born in Shizuoka prefecture in July 1934.

1953-1968 After graduating from Shizuoka Prefectural Tosa Agricultural High School, joined the Tokyo Forestry Bureau.

1968 (July) -1970 (April) Ogasawara General Office National Forestry Division.

1970-1976 Tokyo Forestry Bureau.

1976-1995 Forest Research and Management Organization, retired.

The Tokyo Forestry Bureau is mainly in charge of soil and vegetation surveys. Immediately after the return of the administration, he was assigned to Chichijima, the Ogasawara Islands (for two years). He will be involved in the operation planning work again at the Tokyo Forestry Bureau, and will organize the operation plan for the Ogasawara National Forest. The Forest Research Institute is responsible for the creation and management of the arboretum of the Institute, the management of experimental forests, and the investigation and research of forest vegetation. Immediately after the return of the administration, he raised the issue of breeding of exotic species Akagi in the Ogasawara Islands and vegetation feeding damage by wild goats, and focused on plant protection in the Ogasawara Islands. We conducted a vegetation restoration survey on the South Island where goats were exterminated for 25 years. One of the few researchers who actually knows the aspect of the plant landscape of the Ogasawara Islands from the viewpoint of natural history immediately after the return of the administration. Tree doctor. Vice Chairman of Ogasawara Wildlife Research Association, Vice Chairman of Makino Plant Club.

Book / Written: "Ogasawara Botanical Encyclopedia" (ed., 1981, Abok Co., Ltd .; Supplementary Revised Edition of the same book, 2003). Papers and reports on plants in Ogasawara.

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