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Yotaro Tsukamoto


Born in 1912 in Korea under Japanese rule (now Daegu, Republic of Korea). Graduated from Kyoto Imperial University in 1937, obtained a doctoral degree in agriculture in 1949 (Kyoto Imperial University), became a professor at Kyoto University in 1952 after working as an assistant at the same university, and became a professor at South Kyushu University after retiring from retirement in 1975. While leaving many research achievements as an expert in flower horticultural science, he has nurtured many students and younger generations. He has served as president, vice president of the International Tree Society, and vice president of the International Flower and Greenery Expo Association. In 2005, he was in Kyoto. [Main work] The immature postwar flower horticulture was developed as a science, and the results were summarized in "Flower General" (1969), which has been published in many editions since then. In addition to compiling all 6 volumes (1988-1990) of the "Encyclopedia of Horticultural Plants" as a compilation of his later years, he supervised and commented on classical garden literature (Iwasaki Tsunemasa "Honso Zukan", Mizuno Tadashi "Kusagi Kinyoshu", etc.). There are also books and general enlightenment books such as "Flower Art and History" (1975), "The Age of Horticulture" (1978), and "My Flower Museum" (1985).


[Awards] Japan Agricultural Science Award, Yomiuri Agricultural Science Award (1974), Konosuke Matsushita Flower Expo Memorial Award (1993), etc. for achievements in the field of flower gardens.

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